Getaway Cafe

Summerfest is a week long program for the community, now in its 13th year. There is something for kids and youth of all ages, as well as adults. The Getaway Café runs at the same time as the Crèche and Kids’ sections.


Monday 7th

Sibling Rivalry

Sue McConaghey  – Clinical Psychologist and Speaker 

It can be extremely exhausting when your children are constantly fighting with each otherDoing anything as a family is hard and you may often ask yourself, ‘why can’t they be kind and loving towards each other?’ or ‘Why can’t they just get along?’ Sue McConaghey is a clinical Psychologist. She is going to show us how we can help our children develop good friendships with each other that will last a lifetime. 


Tuesday 8th

Real help with Anxiety and Depression

Dr Dave Lienert – Psychiatrist and Speaker 

There is a real rise in anxiety and depression in society.  Do you, or someone you know, have anxiety or depression? Dr David Lienert is a practicing psychiatrist and popular speaker and will help us think through causes of anxiety and depression, and ways to help those who suffer from it. 


Wednesday 9th

How to Parent Teenagers

Janine Ayling – Counsellor and Speaker

Teenagers! We love them, but they are hard work. They are growing in independence but they are still not an adult. Do I let them go, or hold on, or a bit of both… and how? Janine Ayling, a practicing Counselor, has a Masters Degree in Counseling, and is an experienced speaker. She will be explaining how to parent teenagers well.


Thursday 10th

Handling Meltdowns

Jo Vickers – Registered Psychologist 

Most kids struggle with meltdowns. Some kids find managing their emotions especially difficult. The tiniest things set them off and it seems so illogical. Nothing will calm them down. Jo is a Clinical Psychologist who has spent the last 15 years working with young children and families. She will be giving us some strategies to help our children manage their emotions well.  



Friday 11th

How to have a healthy argument and save your relationship

Dr Mary Wood – Medical Doctor and Counsellor 

Our relationships bring us connectedness, warmth and joy but conflict is also an inevitable part of them. Do you hate conflict so avoid it at all costs? When you have an argument, do you feel you make progress or just go over the same old stuff? Is unresolved conflict eating away at your relationship? Dr. Mary Wood has years of professional experience helping people in communication and will help us think about our relationships and how to have a healthy argument that helps a relationship stay alive and flourish.