Lighthouse Summerfest Café

Summerfest is a week long program for the community, now in its 14th year. There is something for kids and youth of all ages, as well as adults. The Lighthouse Summerfest Café runs at the same time as the Crèche and Kids’ sections.

The Lighthouse Summerfest Café is free to attend whether you have kids in the program or are just coming along to the café.


Tuesday 7th


Ian and Lynn Williams – Speakers from Growing Families Australia

Many parents don’t even realize that they are actually training their children not to obey them!
We’ve all done it – ‘I’m going to count to 3… Come on kids, I really mean it this time! I’ll buy you an ice cream if you come now!’
These techniques are commonly used by parents, however, we often don’t reflect on the messages we are communicating to our children.
Ian and Lynn have over 20 years’ experience working with Growing Families Australia and will help us in preventing these common mistakes.


Wednesday 8th


Michael Corbett-Jones – retired Psychologist, Previous Director of Anglican Counselling Center and Speaker


Many of us struggle with bad habits, hurts or hang-ups, ranging from serious addictions, to hurts and habits that negatively impact our lives. These include food or image disorders, financial dysfunction, drug, alcohol or sexual addictions, or past hurts. Michael has over 45 years of experience and will give us wisdom on how to recognize when we have these issues, how to get rid of them, how to protect ourselves from them and where to get help.


Thursday 9th


Andrew Orenstein – Clinical Psychologist

Does your child suffer from anxiety? Do they get stressed over little things? Do they struggle to control their emotions?
Andrew Orenstein, a psychologist from Newcastle, will be discussing how we as parents can better understand and help our children suffering with anxiety.



Friday 10th


Cecily Paterson – Author of 8 books including ‘Invisible’

‘I can’t stop them fighting, and I can’t stop yelling.’
‘I feel like a terrible parent.’
If you’ve ever said any of these things, you’ll want to hear the advice from veteran mum of four Cecily Paterson, who has brought up at least one of her kids to be a pleasant, functional adult (the other three are still in progress!). She has also had the additional challenge of having a child with Autism. Cecily will talk about patience, guidance, expectations and making life a bit more pleasant for everyone in the family.

Saturday 11th


Kim Parry-Jones – Counselor and Relationship speaker 

Kim Parry-Jones, a counselor and relationship speaker, will be giving a light-hearted, tongue-in cheek talk with big implications for your relationship.
If you want to know how to really mess up your relationship (or not!) come along to hear the top 5 important things you should do (or not do)!
These 5 key points will help or hinder all your relationships – male or female, married or single – this talk will have something for everyone.