FAQ’s for Summerfest 2021

Is Summerfest COVID safe?

We have a COVID safe plan that we have filled out for the government. We require everyone who is part of Summerfest to not be showing any signs off COVID sickness and sign a form saying so.

We require hand santisation for everyone, and social distancing for adults.  All food has been prepared under health guidelines.


Is Summerfest still on if it raining?

Yes, we continue to run activities during wet weather.


Can siblings stay together in a group?

Summerfest’s planned activities are age appropriate, so it is recommended children go the correct group. However, in some circumstances, siblings may stay together. Our policy is that the older child goes to the younger child’s group to ensure the needs of all children are met.


Can children with special needs attend Summerfest?

Children with special needs are welcome to attend Summerfest, however our leaders and team members are volunteers and are not trained in disability management or care.

For this reason, to ensure the needs of all children are met, if a child:

  • requires assistance to participate safely and appropriately in the program a carer or support person must remain with the child while on site
  • requires assistance with personal care or the administration of medication a carer or support person must remain on site
  • has a disability but is able to participate with little or minimal additional assistance a carer or support person is encouraged to remain on site.


Do Parents/Carers have to stay on site after dropping children off?

Parents/Carers of Creche and Preschool children must stay on site. Parents/Carers of older children are encouraged to stay on site. All Parents/Carers are invited to take advantage of the free tea, coffee and cake at the Café.